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Thursday, 06 December 2018 15:02

Arkansas County Fails Again to Qualify for Federal Relief After Tornado

(TNS) - Crawford County for the second time in 2018 will not qualify for state or federal emergency management assistance following a tornado event.

County Emergency Management director Brad Thomas said county officials in their damage assessment after an EF-1 tornado hit the county east of Rudy and an EF-2 hit Van Buren on Friday tallied four of the 125 points needed to meet the threshold for federal assistance. Thomas also said the total wasn't "anywhere close" to what they would need for state assistance.

A county usually qualifies for state or federal emergency management assistance from damage to roads or government buildings, Thomas said. He said such assistance in the case of tornadoes would largely come from points tallied from uninsured homes with damage.

Thomas in his damage assessment tallied two uninsured homes with damage, he said. County officials in April tallied 11 uninsured homes that were either destroyed or had major damage after a tornado that month hit the Mountainburg area.