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Volume 32, Issue 1

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Tuesday, 15 January 2019 16:14

Attitude for Resilience

Like many people who work in Business Continuity, I didn’t enter the professional world with the intention of becoming a part of this niche industry. For the past 10 years I worked in public education as a Social Studies teacher, which at the beginning of my career, I thought I would do until retirement. However, as life rarely goes to plan, my mindset began to change as I developed a desire for a new career path, and I began to investigate other job fields where my skills from teaching would carry over. After a year-long search, I came across a company called BC in the Cloud which provided business continuity and disaster recovery planning software to other businesses. I believe my response to that was, “Oh cool…what is business continuity and disaster recovery?” After an explanation and some research, I found myself with two major trepidations about taking this career jump. The first concern was whether this career path offered the internal reward of helping other people that I would be giving up by leaving teaching. The other major concern I had was whether I possessed the knowledge and/or skill set necessary to be successful in this field.