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Volume 31, Issue 2

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Monday, 09 July 2018 16:11

Bigger, Wetter, Costlier: Studies Suggest Trend of Slower, Wetter Hurricanes as County Reviews Lessons Learned

(TNS) - The morning of Sept. 12, Nick and Bonita Colbert hiked up Flagler Estates Boulevard, through thigh-high waters and carrying an empty cooler between them with their sandals stacked on top.

"It will take days for this to go down," said Hal Baughman as he surveyed the flooding.

Baughman, a friend of the Colberts, had driven down to the edge of the water to give them a lift out to a local convenience store so they could grab more supplies.

As the couple made it to dry ground, they stopped to talk a little about what they experienced riding out Hurricane Irma on a family member's property.