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Volume 31, Issue 2

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Wednesday, 08 August 2018 15:55

Cryptomining Malware On The Rise

How to Prevent the Risk of Crypto-Jacking

New cryptomining malware uses an NSA-exploit to spread to Windows machines while disabling security software and opening the door to future attacks on infected computers. Now is the time for enterprise IT to fortify their defences. Chris Olson, CEO at The Media Trust, provides background on cryptomining and discusses best practices to prevent related incidents.

Cryptomining is the new jackpot for cybercriminals. As cryptocurrencies have grown in popularity and value, cryptocurrency mining has turned into a lucrative business. Around the globe, thousands of websites operated by some of the world’s most recognized companies and government agencies have been compromised by malicious actors anxious to harvest web visitors’ CPU power for their mining operations.

However, when it comes to cryptomining, the industry’s focus is on the attacks and compromised devices rather than the root cause. These attacks are but a symptom of a deeper problem within the digital ecosystem. Most enterprises do not have full visibility into the third-party code rendering on their websites and mobile apps. These third parties make ideal targets for malicious actors, who are continuously probing for ways to make money and secure greater returns on their efforts.