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Volume 30, Issue 3

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Wednesday, 19 April 2017 15:07

How to Fight Against Ransomware: It’s Hard, Not Hopeless

Ransomware hits a particularly raw nerve because of its brazenness. A criminal breaks into a computing device and simply takes over, demanding money – usually paid in bitcoins – for providing the owner the privilege of accessing his or her own data.

The reality is that the ransomware story is more nuanced than the pure fear that idea engenders. Ransomware, according to experts, is not monolithic: There are levels of qualities to the malware and how it is delivered. The targets are far from helpless.

IT Business Edge sent emailed questions with important questions about ransomware to Jon Clay, the director of Global Threat Communications for Trend Micro; Chester Wisniewski, the principal research scientist at Sophos; and Kevin Haley, the director of Security Response at Symantec. The answers painted a picture of a very serious problem, but one that can be avoided if an organization uses best security practices.