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Volume 32, Issue 2

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Wednesday, 03 April 2019 14:44

Is There A Single-Source Provider For Data Management? Not Yet

Architects can, and do, choose a primary cloud service provider and/or Hadoop system to house their data. Moving, transforming, cataloging, and governing data is a different story, so architects come to me after throwing up their arms searching for solutions to tame the information fabric, thinking they must be missing something: “Isn’t there a single platform?” they ask.

Sadly, no. There are only best-of-breed tools or data management platforms in transition.

There’s history behind this. Data management middleware companies tend to be relatively small. Information management vendors such as IBM, Oracle, and SAP pick off smaller data management vendors and add their offerings as solutions to their overall platform portfolio to sell as enablers of their big data and cloud systems. Small vendors don’t have the funds to preemptively build capabilities as markets shift toward new architectures like big data and cloud. Big vendors solve the 80% rule of firms running their businesses on traditional reliable technology. Thus, data management and governance have lagged behind the big data and cloud trends. Ultimately, both vendors have had a wait-and-see strategy, building capabilities and rearchitecting solutions only when customers began to show higher levels of interest (it’s in the RFI/RFP).