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Thursday, 02 May 2019 14:05

It’s Spring: Time To Dust Off Forrester’s Blockchain Predictions

More than six months have passed since I wrote Forrester’s predictions 2019 report for distributed ledger technology (DLT, AKA blockchain). In the blockchain world, that’s ages ago.

As I keep being asked how those predictions are shaping up, and having just attended two excellent events in New York, now’s a good time to take stock. So how did we do?

Terminology shift from blockchain to DLT: I was mostly wrong but also a little bit right. What we’re seeing today is neatly reflected in the titles of the two conferences I referred to above: the EY Global Blockchain Summit and IMN’s Synchronize 2019: DLT And Crypto For Financial Institutions. In other words, in the financial services sector, the distributed ledger/DLT terminology has become predominant; there are even firms where the term “blockchain” is banned from the vocabulary altogether. Outside of this industry, though, it’s a different picture: Say “DLT” or “distributed ledger,” and you get blank stares; say “blockchain,” and eyes light up. For the same reason, many startups continue leading with “blockchain” in their marketing, even if their software lacks some of the characteristics typically associated with that descriptor. One said to me: “Blockchain is a recognized category; DLT isn’t.”