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Tuesday, 16 April 2019 14:32

Officials Kept Close Watch Over 2019 Boston Marathon

(TNS) — As the waves of runners left Hopkinton to run the 2019 Boston Marathon, a roomful of public safety officials watched their computers, monitored video screens and radios, and talked to one another as a rolling list of incidents appeared on a screen on a wall.

A runner fell and fractured an arm. A drone was detected. An unattended package was found and cleared.

On marathon day, as 30,000 runners and countless spectators take to the streets, the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency runs a "unified coordination center" in MEMA's underground bunker in Framingham.

The goal, said MEMA spokesman Christopher Besse, is to bring together local, state and federal public safety officials in one place so they can coordinate their responses to whatever the day brings — from weather to terrorism.