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Volume 31, Issue 1

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Wednesday, 06 December 2017 16:03

Threat Hunting Could Accentuate the Large Company/SMB Divide

Large and small businesses differ in more than size. Large companies find it easier to adjust headcount and therefore to introduce new skillsets. For small businesses on the other hand, adding just one person can represent a significant change to the payroll.

As IT solutions have progressed, becoming smarter, user-friendlier, more automated and more granular, smaller companies have been able to more finely adjust their investments and operations, helping them keep pace with bigger corporations. So far, IT security has followed a similar evolution. But will the rising trend of threat hunting change things?

The idea behind threat hunting is that some attackers are getting too smart for current IT security technology. They can penetrate defences without being detected, install malware, and develop their attacks at their leisure. However, in doing so, they leave traces that can be picked up by astute human beings, aka threat hunters.