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Thursday, 06 December 2018 14:53

What Food Items Should You Buy When Preparing for a Storm?

With the possibility of a winter storm bringing chilly temperatures and more severe weather to South Carolina this week, one state agency is warning residents to prepare.

A worst-case scenario is being presented by the S.C. Emergency Management Division. It is urging people to get ready for this storm, and more that could follow this winter by stocking up on supplies that could be needed should snow or ice line the roads.

Two popular items mentioned before any storm hits were not on the SCEMD's list -- milk and bread. In fact, it said skip both.

"Bread and milk shouldn't be on your list," SCEMD posted on Facebook.

One person commented on the post that "French Toast Season is upon us," because of the hysteria of people emptying store shelves of bread and milk that has become a punchline before many significant weather events.

In spite of the jokes, the SCEMD has a real list of items to stockpile -- at home and work -- in case of a winter storm. It includes: