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Volume 31, Issue 2

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Friday, 08 June 2018 14:59

What’s Up, Doc? When and How to Perform a Current State Assessment

I had an interesting week last week: Along with two other MHA consultants, I spent two and a half days performing a current state assessment of the business continuity situation at a large complex of hospitals on the West Coast.

We conducted 15 to 16 interviews with the key people at a wide range of departments to get a handle on where their BC program stands on everything from program administration to IT Disaster Recovery to fire and life safety.

It was an interesting challenge. In doing an assessment like that, your goal is to arrive quickly at an accurate understanding of the program’s strengths and weaknesses in the different areas. You have to work collaboratively with experts in many departments, gathering material that you will eventually structure into a report which includes, critically, a list of the steps the organization can take to help them improve their BC program and better carry out their core mission. This list is known as the roadmap.