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Volume 31, Issue 2

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Thursday, 09 August 2018 15:01

Write This Way: Message Templates for Resident Alerting During Inclement Weather

From coast to coast, severe weather is a problem for every community.

To better protect your constituents during storms and other forms of severe weather, consider ways you can get better prepared, including evaluating your communication methods.

Inclement Weather Alerting

Throughout the US, predominant weather patterns vary from region to region. From mudslides, earthquakes, and droughts to hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods—no region is untouched by severe weather. In order to best protect your community, focus on how to provide mass notification before, during, and after such natural disasters.

Long before severe weather becomes a real threat, your organization must already have plans in place and ready to be activated – especially when it comes to sending mass notifications. At the first indicator of inclement weather, you need to put your organization’s communication and response strategies into action. Be sure a reliable method for communication set up, tested, and fully prepared for such emergencies.