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Monday, 13 November 2017 17:13

Baron Releases Winter Weather eBook

Online document details best winter weather procedures

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Baron, the worldwide provider of critical weather intelligence, announces a winter weather eBook, titled “Winter By Degrees: Mastering Your Public Safety Plan for Winter Weather.” The document provides a detailed step-by-step guide to determining winter weather severity in each area of the United States, including the Northeast, North Central, Northwest, Southwest, South Central, and Southeast regions of the country.

The clear majority (78%) of disasters recorded in the United States each year are weather related. Still, many Emergency Management Personnel (EMP) and public safety officials underestimate the number of weather focused disasters. The result is that EMP and public safety officials are undertrained in weather-related disasters and over-trained in other types of incidents. In order to more effectively and cost-efficiently keep the public safe, emergency managers need to be knowledgeable about weather phenomenon and the impact severe weather can have on their communities.

The new Baron eBook educates EMPs and public safety officials by focusing on the characteristics of poor winter weather in each US region individually, as every region within the United States experiences winter weather differently. A severe situation in the North might be 24 inches of snow, while an extreme event in the South might be a wind chill of 10 degrees. Despite the differences, the damages that winter events bring are universal. Power outages, structural damage, traffic accidents, hypothermia, and even death are all situations that each region must face. Therefore, each section of the document will provide information on some of the major issues faced during the winter season.

The eBook also includes information on Baron Threat Net, web-based meteorological tool that provides critical weather intelligence when and where it is most needed, and can be a critically important tool in times of severe winter weather.

To download this eBook, please visit: get.baronweather.com/ebook 


About Baron

Baron’s meteorological hardware, software and data deliver critical weather intelligence to organizations, businesses and individuals impacted by weather conditions. Baron’s world-class scientists are continuously inventing new and more effective ways to collect, interpret, package, display and deliver real-time, hyper-local weather intelligence to aid in safe, intelligent professional decision-making. Baron products are used in numerous industries such as public safety, transportation, aviation, insurance, marine, government and media. The Baron name is trusted by weather industry leaders such as the NOAA, the DOD, the FAA and the Weather Channel, and is also trusted in business by industry leaders like Toyota, Honda, Verizon, CNN, and Fox. For more information, visit www.baronweather.com.