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Volume 31, Issue 2

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Tuesday, 10 July 2018 15:00

Mitsubishi Electric’s 9900CX UPS Awarded Gold at the 2017 Product of the Year Awards

WARRENDALE, Penn. – Mitsubishi Electric, an industry leader in design, manufacturing, and servicing reliable, environmentally friendly uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), announces that the 9900CX UPS received the Gold Award in the Energy Management category in Plant Engineering magazine’s 2017 Product of the Year Awards. As in past years, winners are determined by votes cast by Plant Engineering’s subscribers. The magazine accepts nominations that they feel best represent new and innovative products that will help industries operate smarter, safer, and faster while increasing overall efficiency.

The 9900CX fits this profile well and is an extension of the popular 9900 UPS Series providing 1400, 1750, or 2100 kVA of power in a single UPS. Delivering up to 97% efficiency, it is the first true on-line double conversion UPS at this power level to deliver the highest efficiency at all load levels. The modular design of the 9900CX affords the capability of providing internal redundancy up to 1.75 MVA in a single enclosure. The UPS is also expandable to allow for reduced capital expenditure with a pay as you grow flexibility. The UPS can be purchased initially with 1050 kVA capacity and expanded in 350 kVA increments up to 2100 kVA. The 9900CX can be paralleled with up to six units for capacity or N+1 redundancy and delivers the highest power density per square foot of floor space.

As one of the largest manufacturers of IGBT’s (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors) in the world, Mitsubishi is able to achieve superior UPS performance and reliability through smarter control. The 9900CX incorporates a cutting-edge control system to realize the full benefits of the latest generation of IGBTs, such as high-speed switching, low power consumption, and large power capacity. The three-level converter design enables an unprecedented 15 year lifetime on capacitors. Given its outstanding efficiency, the 9900CX three-phase UPS substantially reduces operating and cooling costs and is ideal for large data center applications. All of these factors combine to provide a significant reduction in the TCO (total cost of ownership) over the lifetime of the UPS while providing unparalleled reliability and improved PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) for customers running mission-critical applications.

Mitsubishi Electric is at the top of the industry due to its strategic designing, manufacturing, and servicing of reliable, environmentally friendly UPS systems. These systems provide extended data center uptime, prevention of costly data loss, and protection against damaging power surges. More information on Mitsubishi Electric’s world-class service and its Gold Award-winning UPS can be found at www.mitsubishicritical.com or by calling (800) 887-7830.

About Mitsubishi Electric Power Products, Inc. UPS Division

Since 1964, Mitsubishi Electric has manufactured precision-engineered, high-quality uninterruptible
power supplies to protect its customers’ mission-critical equipment during times of power instability. Mitsubishi Electric leads the industry in design, manufacturing, and servicing, environmentally friendly UPS systems to extend uptime, prevent data loss and protect against power surges.

Mitsubishi Electric Power Products’ UPS division offers systems in both single- and multi-module configurations and a broad range of kVA capacities. Visit www.mitsubishicritical.com for more information. In addition to uninterruptible power supplies, Mitsubishi Electric US group companies’ principal businesses include semiconductor devices, automotive electrical components, elevators and escalators, factory automation products and services, heating and cooling products, electric utility products, and large-scale video displays for stadiums and arenas. Mitsubishi Electric US group companies have roughly 31 locations throughout North America with approximately 4,000 employees.