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Tuesday, 14 May 2019 13:29

StorONE files more than 50 Patents to Cement Innovation Leadership When Compared to Other Storage Technologies

Newly awarded patents further validate the company’s unique capabilities in helping enterprises overcome technology challenges not solved by traditional approaches

NEW YORK – StorONE today announced that it was granted two new patents in the first quarter of 2019, honoring the company’s innovative approach to high-performance, enterprise-class storage that offers complete data protection with no performance degradation and lower costs than the cloud.  Patent No. 10198321 entitled “System and method for continuous data protection” recognized StorONE’s approach to integrated data retention without compromising on performance, and Patent No. 10169021 entitled “System and method for deploying a data-path-related plug-in for a logical storage entity of a storage system” addresses creating, verifying and executing tasks that ensure availability of data in distributed storage systems.  Both inventions allow enterprises to use their high-performance tier for complete data protection.

Among the patent portfolio created since the company’s founding, the number of StorONE’s granted patents is now 33, with tens of patent applications pending. StorONE has been able to gain many approvals of its innovative technology patents in a very short period of time, largely due to the fact that it is based upon greenfield innovation and new thinking that lacks the constraints placed upon it by legacy applications. StorONE has invested heavily in massive research and development efforts to achieve maximum performance with minimal hardware by achieving a transformational breakthrough in storage software efficiency

Patent Attorney, Inna Novikova, Partner at Reinhold Cohn, the largest Intellectual Property firm in Israel, has commented that “StorONE’s patent portfolio is a valuable asset created to successfully support the company’s business goals. A high number of patents secured over such a relatively small period of time is indicative of disruptive innovations implemented in software-defined storage by StorONE”.

StorONE’s patented technology can support multiple enterprise functions: it can reach breakthrough performance from AFA, SSD and NVMe solutions, create high performance multi-application secondary storage systems, supply persistent storage to virtualized environments, and/or use lower-cost commodity components to provide high capacity low footprint solutions. As the only storage vendor to enable high performance, capacity and virtual appliance in a single product, StorONE offers more flexibility, with all options available, to eliminate the need for future planning – companies can grow their IT resources as they need.

“When creating StorONE, we had the choice to do what other vendors do and leverage existing approaches to simply bring a product to market, or to become a core technology company backed by disruptive new and innovative technologies that revolutionize the industry,” commented Gal Naor, StorONE co-founder and CEO. “Our ever-expanding patent portfolio is proof that better technology enables better results.  We have been able to take all the improvements in drive technology and innovation – high performance, density and price reduction – to new levels to deliver complete data protection and secondary storage in a single powerful solution with immediate ROI.”

About StorONE

StorONE was created to prove that for the first time, enterprises no longer have to compromise to solve their biggest data performance, protection and complexity issues. StorONE’s TRU™ SDS is the most complete storage software solution on the market. It is the first and only software solution that can be used for an all-flash or hybrid array, virtual storage, secondary storage, or cloud storage, and that supports all protocols (block, file and object) – all powered by the same software. At the same time, the StorONE S1 software delivers complete optimization of any hardware, and it is completely future proof. This creates a dramatic reduction in the cost and management of enterprise storage and maximizes flexibility to take advantage of the most recent hardware innovations, making the life of the data center manager easier. StorONE is led by a team with a proven track record of changing the data storage industry and backed by a board that includes industry visionaries from three of the largest companies in the world. StorONE has filed more than 50 patents and has attracted investments from leading venture capital firms and drive manufacturers like Seagate. Additional information about StorONE is available at https://www.storone.com or follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.