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Monday, 14 May 2018 06:01

The BCI releases its Manifesto for Organizational Resilience

A call to action for organizations to work with the BCI in a collaborative way to deliver resilience to organizations regardless of their size, what it is that they do, and where in the world they operate

CAVERSHAM, UK – Working together is the key to deliver organizational resilience. This is the core concept of the manifesto released today by the Business Continuity Institute (BCI). In this 15-page long document, the BCI explains what it will do in order to deliver its vision of a resilient world.

The manifesto lists four main points:

  1. Research - the BCI will champion academic research and new thinking for the benefit of the practitioner community.
  1. Global Alliances - the BCI will create a series of global and local Resilience Alliances with other like-minded professional bodies.
  1. Next Practice Groups – the BCI will aim to utilise the ‘collective brain power’ of some of the most experienced practitioners to create practice groups in UK, Europe, India, North America, and Australasia.
  1. Online Resilience Tool – the BCI will develop a free online tool designed to increase awareness amongst organizations of all sizes and across all sectors.

In this manifesto, the BCI provides a detailed explanation of the concept of organizational resilience – ‘the ability of an organization to absorb and adapt in a changing environment’ – and how disciplines should collaborate in order to achieve it.

The launch

David Thorp, Executive Director of the BCI, “Our view at the BCI is that no organizations can claim ownership of the resilience ground. So, what we propose is to work with other professional bodies and membership organizations in the resilience spectrum to provide a range of benefits for the mutual benefit of all of our members. Collaboration is the key to a resilient future for organizations, this manifesto is the first step to making that future happen.”

The BCI’s Manifesto for Organizational Resilience is launched as part of the Business Continuity Awareness Week (BCAW) 2018 campaign, sponsored by Strategic BCP and SAI Global.


About the Business Continuity Institute

Founded in 1994 with the aim of promoting a more resilient world, the Business Continuity Institute (BCI) has established itself as the world’s leading Institute for business continuity and resilience. The BCI has become the membership and certifying organization of choice for business continuity and resilience professionals globally with over 8,000 members in more than 100 countries, working in an estimated 3,000 organizations in the private, public and third sectors.

The vast experience of the Institute’s broad membership and partner network is built into its world class education, continuing professional development and networking activities. Every year, more than 1,500 people choose BCI training, with options ranging from short awareness raising tools to a full academic qualification, available online and in a classroom. The Institute stands for excellence in the resilience profession and its globally recognised Certified grades provide assurance of technical and professional competency. The BCI offers a wide range of resources for professionals seeking to raise their organization’s level of resilience, and its extensive thought leadership and research programme helps drive the industry forward. With approximately 120 Partners worldwide, the BCI Partnership offers organizations the opportunity to work with the BCI in promoting best practice in business continuity and resilience.

The BCI welcomes everyone with an interest in building resilient organizations from newcomers, experienced professionals and organizations. Further information about the BCI is available at