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Article Submission

Article Submission

April 18, 2019

Editorial Submission Guidelines

Please make all editorial submissions to Jon Seals, editor in chief, at

Magazine articles

Article deadlines

    • Jan. 1 (spring edition published Feb. 15)
    • April 1 (summer edition published May 15)
    • July 1 (fall edition published Aug. 15)
    • Oct. 1 (winter edition published Nov. 15)
      • All four editions are published digitally. The spring and fall editions are also printed and delivered by mail before the next DRJ conference.
      • All articles are featured at the top of and promoted throughout the quarter on social media.
  • Subject: Any subject related to business continuity, disaster recovery, crisis management, or risk management will be considered throughout the year.
  • Word count: Preferably 1,500-2,000 words (minimum 500, maximum 3,000).
  • VENDOR-NEUTRAL: No mention of any business continuity-related vendor, product, or service will be published in the magazine. Sections about “how to choose a vendor” or “how to select a product or service” will be removed.
  • Copyright: Every magazine article published will be copyrighted by DRJ. Authors are required to sign a copyright agreement. Articles must be original and may not be simultaneously submitted to other publications. DRJ will retain all publishing rights. However, permission will be granted for marketing purposes or any other non-competing publication with attribution.
  • Required materials: All article submissions must include a short biography and a headshot photo of the author.
  • Art: Photographs or graphic elements may accompany each article. Graphic submissions are welcome but please refrain for designing your article submission. Every item has to be formatted separately for print, digital, and web. Please submit the text and graphic elements separately.
    • Print photos and graphics must be high resolution (300 dpi at 100% print size) or vector based.
  • Editing: Articles will be edited for length, clarity, style, and improper usage of industry terms.

Online Exclusives

Due to the number of submissions we receive, many of our articles are published online-only as an “ONLINE EXCLUSIVE.” These articles are featured alongside magazine articles at the top of and go through the same approval above, with the following exceptions:

  • No deadlines: Online exclusives may be approved and published much quicker than magazine articles. This is particularly advantageous for timely or late-breaking topics.
  • No wordcount limits: Particularly long articles may work better online than in print.
  • Outside membership login: Online exclusives are not gated by our membership login for easy sharing on social media.
  • Email updates: Online exclusives are featured regularly in our informational updates and email marketing.

Sponsored Content

Vendors are allowed to submit sponsored content for a fee. (Please contact Bob Arnold at for current rates.)

  • Marketing: Specific mention of vendors, products, or services is allowed.
  • No edits: Sponsored content is published “as-is” with no limits on wordcount.
  • Featured: Sponsored content is featured alongside other articles on the at the top of with a small “sponsored content” label. (These are different from press releases, which are located at the bottom of the website and roll off the front page in chronological order within a day or two.)
  • Outside membership login: Sponsored content is not gated by our membership login for easy sharing on social media.
  • Byline: Vendors have the option of naming an author or not. Just include a short bio and photo.
  • Art: Photographs or graphic elements may accompany each article. Graphic submissions are welcome but please refrain for designing your document. Every graphic file must be uploaded to the website separately.
  • White Papers: If you are interested in DRJ posting sponsored content in a PDF format, please refer to our White Papers section. (Contact Bob Arnold at for current rates.)

Industry News

Vendors are encouraged to submit press releases FREE OF CHARGE.

  • Subject-matter: DRJ will publish any press release related to business continuity, disaster recovery, crisis management, risk management with the exception of competing publications, webinars, or events.
  • Embargoes: DRJ will abide by any embargo. We can schedule your release to post online at any time. However, we encourage press agents to wait until they have final copy before submitting to avoid constant updates.
  • Permission: Please do not call or send an email asking permission to send a press release. If it’s related to our readers, we will run it. No need to ask or follow-up repeatedly. Just send it
  • Briefings: Because all of our articles are submitted by our readers, we don’t do any briefings. The press release or other editorial submissions will suffice.
  • Reposts: Vendors are welcome to submit company blogs for reposting in the industry news section. Again, as long as it fits our readership, we will repost almost anything when time permits. Reposts will roll off the front page in chronological order but the link will remain active.
  • Directories: Vendors are also encouraged to take part in our annual resource directories free of charge. DRJ publishes five annual lists of vendors providing services in emergency notification, consulting, DR services, BC planning software, and other industry-related services. Please send a 150-word description of your company to Emily Rice at to be included in the next directory.

If you have any questions regarding these guidelines contact Jon Seals, editor in chief, at

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