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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Saturday, 17 December 2016 00:00

Lamar Poppell: Repeat DRJ Attendee Finds Resources for Changing Times, Situations


Lamar Poppell of Jack Henry and Associates has seen a thing or two in his 20 years as a business continuity practitioner. He’s held different jobs at various companies in several states. As the years go by and his scenery changes, Lamar has also watched the business continuity landscape change. Once his primary threat was a Florida hurricane. Today he keeps an eye out for cyber breaches and terrorist attacks. Through it all, Lamar relies on DRJ to provide the latest insights in business continuity and disaster recovery. REPEAT ATTENDER Lamar has attended a dozen DRJ conferences, and he plans to attend more—including Spring World 2017. “I’ve been to other business continuity conferences, but I keep coming back to DRJ because to me they’re the industry leaders,” he says. “Others don’t have the scope that DRJ has.” While Lamar works for the banking sector, he appreciates that DRJ brings together BC/DR professionals