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Data Privacy Compliance, Business Continuity Management Also Will Top Agendas Since its introduction in the early years of this century, cloud computing has grown into an estimated $411 billion market, producing huge IT and business benefits for its users. Today, most businesses use the cloud to some degree. But as with so many of the technologies businesses now rely on for daily operations, cloud computing brings with its own security risks. These include cloud-associated risks – such as data privacy compliance and business continuity management – which are becoming increasingly relevant. How to combat these risks and ensure their company…


Cory Cowgill

As chief technology officer at Fusion Risk Management in Chicago, Cory Cowgill is responsible for research and development, customer engagement, operations and security, and go-to-market initiatives. With a background in enterprise software development spanning multiple industries, Cowgill leads with a dedication to technology and risk management. Cowgill received a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Western Illinois University and has multiple certifications including Salesforce System Architect and Application Architect, Amazon Web Services Solution Architect, and Cloud Security Alliance CCSK. He is a member of the Salesforce MVP Hall of Fame.

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