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The crisis that is coronavirus has revealed key weaknesses in business continuity across all industries. New thinking is needed to make significant changes in order to create truly resilient organizations. Many disasters are slow-moving, generated by the aggregation of small failures that emerge out of normal conditions that conceal their nature. But COVID-19 is different – it is an extreme shock to the global system. Unlike most natural disasters, which affect only small parts of the world, the pandemic is everywhere. Firms from all four corners of the globe did not foresee a disruption which would simultaneously hit their entire…


James Green

James Green is director of risk advisory services at SAI Global. He is passionate about business continuity and helps C-Suites around the world make their organizations more resilient not just during an incident, but as a fundamental part of day-to-day operations. He has worked on risk events which have occurred all over the globe, whether it was civil unrest in Egypt during the Arab Spring or typhoons in the Pacific Rim. You may contact Green by email at [email protected]

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