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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Saturday, 17 November 2007 22:31

Disaster Recovery Services Help Keep Operations Flowing for AS/400 Systems

Written by  Mike Underwood

With natural disasters and unforeseen computer glitches a constant threat, the data that you must maintain is always at risk. Increased dependency on computer systems requires proactive services to maintain constant availability. Your local area networks and wide area networks are a very sensitive part of your operation that require as much disaster recovery planning as any mainframe. Ensuring hardware protection of these networks is a fairly simple task with a quality disaster recovery vendor. You make the call on a configuration that you want to store and the storage environment is provided for your backup equipment. This way you already will have your critical hardware on-site should a disaster occur. Communications is the most difficult aspect of insuring that your networks are protected in the event of disaster. Facilities to install customized and dedicated communications to your exact specifications is a must. Interfacing directly with any carriers for your account