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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Saturday, 17 November 2007 22:43

The San Leandro Landslide:A Community's Response

Written by  Dan S. Lunsford, CEM, Emergency Services Manager

Setting the StageThe bayside community of San Leandro, a progressive and conventional mid-size city of approximately 75,000 people, is located in San Francisco’s East Bay between the cities of Oakland and San Jose. During the last several decades, community leaders and city officials have developed a community culture based on traditional family values and a unique quality of life normally associated with a small town environment. The foundation that anchors city officials and elected officials to its community is the conviction of "doing the right thing"; giving back more than it receives, supporting and being supported, and embracing and being embraced.San Leandro, like many other cities in the San Francisco Bay Area, is situated among several well-known earthquake faults; one of these is the Hayward fault. Over one million people live adjacent to the Hayward fault which stretches sixty miles along the East Bay and is comprised of a northern