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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Saturday, 17 November 2007 22:30

The Temporary Organization for Emergency Response

Written by  Trauma Intervention Specialists

An ICS Adaptation for Corporate Human Risk ManagementSocial Scientist, Giovanni de Girolamo, of the World Health Organization, emphasizes that the magnitude of a disaster is not measured by the "altered ecological balance" but by the "adjustment capacity of the victims." He believes a "disaster creates a discontinuity in the social structure," and that "the social aspects of the disaster situation should be considered as more important than the physical event and its components." The development of effective life-saving response capacities within private industry is an important link in community-wide recovery from disaster. As powerful organizational structures, businesses direct individuals’ bonds of affinity and common interests, and impact thousands of employees directly and many more members of the community indirectly. As such, business is an influential setting for governing psychosocial intervention in the immediate aftermath of disaster. However, in any emergency operations of a corporation, employees will be both primary victims, that