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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Monday, 19 November 2007 22:34

The Advancing Process of Business Continuity Planning in North America

Written by  Pat Moore, CBCP

Disaster recovery, emergency management, and continuity planning professionals in both the public and private sectors worldwide face many challenges as they strive to do their jobs in a rapidly changing business and service environment. These include downsizing, re-engineering, outsourcing, changes in technology, lack of uniform standards, globalization, worldwide demand for disaster-resistant communities, and constant requirements for ongoing dialogue and cooperation between public and private sectors.Recognition of the increasing danger of long term business and service interruption due to natural, manmade, and technological disasters has forced corporations and institutions to extend their recovery planning efforts beyond the life safety, emergency response and data center recovery issues alone. Although our business and government organizations today are more and more dependent upon information that allows mission critical data to move quickly from one system to another, protection of these systems in this distributive architecture alone does not ensure a successful recovery. Y2K issues