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Volume 32, Issue 4

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Monday, 19 November 2007 22:28

Turn Saboteurs into Supporters: The art of Project Management versus Science

Written by  Barry Pruitt

It was a day that I would never forget. I had finally made my mark, received my promotion from the field into the office. The scope of my projects had increased, the budgets grew larger and, of course, the risk were increased too. The words from my boss rang hollow, "I've come to the conclusion your people skills stink! You know how to plan and track your projects, but you are not maximizing the strengths of your team. For that matter, they are not really a team with you at the helm!" Fast forward to my graduation from the Dale Carnegie Course ' (and later as an instructor) when I finally realized my boss was right. A systems only approach to project management was not making me a successful project manager. So I changed tact to a people approach of project management' and I still had unnecessary failures. After many