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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Tuesday, 20 November 2007 23:52

Developing a Positive Relationship with Business & Industry

Written by  Thomas M. Sullivan

It has been a routine weekday afternoon with the usual array of medical first responder runs and a vehicle accident. The pre-alert tone sends the career crew scrambling for the engine, while the volunteer firefighters head for the station to staff the other engines, ladder and rescue. A box alarm has been struck for a report of smoke in a large semi-conductor manufacturing plant.The first arriving engine heads up the driveway and is confronted not with a raging inferno, but with hundreds of employees milling about in front of the guardhouse. Of course, this is the assigned position for the first due engine and negotiating through the masses of employees happily enjoying their break from work requires skill and patience. They finally arrive at the guardhouse and find it empty. Attempts to identify someone in authority is difficult but eventually someone tells you there is smoke in a wafer lab