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Tuesday, 20 November 2007 23:48

Hurricane Floyd Leaves Clues on How to Survive Major Flooding

Written by  FM Global

Could another 'Floyd' drench your property in the next millennium? Absolutely. In fact, your company may be in more danger than ever before of record-level flooding events - even if you are not located in a so-called 'flood zone.' This article tells you the effects of Floyd, and the actions you can take now to be better prepared for the next hurricane. Just days before Hurricane Floyd hit the U.S. East Coast near Wilmington, North Carolina (September 16, 1999), the storm was bigger than Hurricane Andrew, which demolished a widespread area with wind and torrential rains in 1993. Floyd was close to a Category 5 storm with wind speeds over 155 mph (69 m/s). But, at landfall, Floyd mellowed to 110 mph (48 m/s) - a much weaker Category 2 storm.