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Volume 32, Issue 4

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Tuesday, 20 November 2007 23:55

The Recovery Team Planning Approach

Written by  Geoffrey H. Wold, CPA, CMA, CMC, CDP, CSP, CISA, CFSA, CIRM & Tina L. Vick, CBCP, CFSA

An important aspect of business continuity planning is organizing and structuring the Plan. The most common approach is to develop and structure the Plan using various recovery teams. This article describes the roles and responsibilities related to several of the recovery teams. Contingency Organization StructureThe structure of the organization during a disaster event may not have the same form as the existing organization chart. The contingency organization is often structured with multiple recovery teams with a relative flat structure. The goal of the contingency organization is to accomplish a rapid and smooth recovery process.Recovery teams are operational groups responsible for restoring specific functions. The teams have specific responsibilities that allow for a quick and successful recovery process. Each team should have the authority to implement and accomplish the procedures contained in their section of the plan.Within each team, a leader/manager and alternate should be designated. These persons provide the necessary leadership