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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Wednesday, 21 November 2007 00:33

Fall World 2001: Contingency Planning in Action

Written by  Michelle Saab

Disaster Recovery Journal brought their Thirteenth International Disaster Recovery Symposium and Exhibition to Orlando on September 15 with a positive force. After deliberation, DRJ felt that forging ahead with the conference after the devastation of the terrorist attacks was a good decision and it was what President Bush encouraged us to do. DRJ understood that attendance would be affected, but also felt that if any business was to move forward at this trying time, it should be DR. And so we did. Schedules were modified but with the patience of all involved, Fall World 2001 was proven to be a success. Preconference courses began the conference on Saturday, September 15. Ed Devlin spoke with his presentation “Crisis Management Planning”. Also to speak were Deidrich Towne with “PPBI - Fundamentals of DR Planning and EM Practices” and Barry Pruitt with “Project Management: A Skill Practice, Result Focused Workshop”.