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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Wednesday, 21 November 2007 00:40

Walking on Eggshells. The Evolution from Disaster Recovery to Business Continuity

Written by  Rosemary Davis

After viewing Jurassic Park III on opening night, I was reminded of the scene in the first movie where Dr. Grant finds the broken eggshells at the base of the tree and exclaims, “Life found a way”. The dinosaurs, bred to be only female, with no known means of reproduction, were multiplying. Man’s efforts to control “dino-DNA” fails while he is busily engaged putting up electric fences, securing bunkers and recompiling millions of lines of code. This article won’t attempt to answer the question of why one would create something that threatens your own existence. That’s another story. It seems there is an obvious difference from “going out to dinner” versus “being dinner”. When working to assure business survival, business unit leaders and personnel (Business Units) face a similar survival challenge. Survival can be used to describe achieving career success or taking ownership of business continuity plan development. Business Units must assume