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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Thursday, 22 November 2007 00:00

Everyday Evils Of Recovery

Written by  Ray Ganong

I can recall companies losing an entire day-and-a-half to the Love Bug virus. Everything shut down; people were once again relying on telephones, fax machines, and good, old-fashioned paper and pen to get work done. Imagine that? With the technology available today, that seems pretty unthinkable. These things happen. They are not so infrequent occurrences that IT managers can say, “That’s once in a blue moon. But I’ve got seven million other things to do this quarter, so I think I’ll put the data backup and disaster recovery plans on the backburner for now.” While it’s great to think long-term and big picture, sometimes you need to think smaller, and plan for the seemingly innocuous occurrences that can cost a company thousands, if not millions, of dollars. It took a tragic event last September to make us all realize the gravity and importance of implementing a foolproof data backup and disaster recovery