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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Wednesday, 21 November 2007 23:54

Now Is The Time To Act, If It Is Not Too Late Already

Written by  John Glenn, CRP, CBCP

Sometimes I think of business continuity planners as Aesopian ants in a world of grasshoppers. We know something is going to happen – history proves the inevitability of events such as spring floods and hot weather hurricanes. We – business continuity planners – would like to do something to avoid or mitigate the damage that attends these events. But we are surrounded by grasshoppers who are unwilling to act to protect their own interests. Maybe they aren’t grasshoppers; perhaps they are ostriches with their heads deeply buried in the sands of “it can’t happen to me.” And then it happens. A hurricane’s winds and waves sweep away shoreline and homes tumble into the surf. Rivers will overflow their banks, debris will litter highways, and communities will get ready to start expensive clean-up operations – again.FEMA will fume and threaten to withhold recovery funds if the dilatants fail to take some mitigation measures for the following