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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Wednesday, 21 November 2007 23:53

So-Called Small Disasters Can Equal Big Trouble

Written by  Ron Levine

Forget about storms, earthquakes, and fiery explosions that are the images that first come to mind when we hear the word “disaster.” The chances of one of these catastrophic events actually hitting and destroying your individual IT operation are infinitesimal. What should be worrisome are the far more common minor mishaps that occur every day and yet are capable of bringing businesses to their knees. Everyday occurrences like coffee spills, power surges, communication outages, or an employee mistakenly deleting or overwriting a key file trigger most IT disasters. Why? Because it’s these seemingly small mundane events that attack a business’ most valuable asset – its stored data. Headline-generating disasters that make the 6 o’clock news can wipe out complete information systems and network environments, but they seldom occur at any individual company and rarely strike the same site twice. On the other hand, recurring small disasters (usually never heard about outside the company’s