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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Wednesday, 21 November 2007 23:57

The Benefits Of Emergency Notification Systems

Written by  Michael Jennings

One of the lasting images from Sept. 11 is of thousands of dazed and bewildered New Yorkers trekking uptown, unusable cell phones to their ears, trying in vein to reach friends, family, and co-workers. Not only were they not able to reach loved ones, they could not contact their companies to inform them they were safe and possibly available to assist with the recovery. Due to an overloaded system and damage to the communications infrastructure, many continuity plans were delayed or altered because of the lack of adequate communications. The need for redundant and effective communications has been an ongoing theme since the terrorist attacks. According to a Gartner report which discussed the business continuity planning (BCP) lessons learned from Sept. 11, “Those within the agency responsible for BCP must document and regularly update a broad range of contact information – including home, office, vacation home, and mobile telephone numbers; work