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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Thursday, 22 November 2007 00:51

Diversity in a Business Continuity World

Written by  Paul A. Castellano, CBCP

Webster defines diversity as, “to differ from one another, to vary.” The word diversity is often used in different contexts. It is commonly used in the financial world regarding stock portfolios, 401ks and more. It is also used in the human resource world. Diversification in my way of thinking should also be synonymous with business continuity. Most organizations probably have plans in place in one of three ways:Comprehensive test plan, fully redundant for all critical areas, regular test cycles run and documented. All issues resolved in a timely manner. Somewhat recoverable. Some plans in place, but not maintenanced on a regular basis. Test cycles not run on a regular basis and issues left on the table. Non-recoverable (but they think they are) because they have some documentation somewhere but nothing formal. Rarely test because of resource constraints.What I see that could be missing is a diversification plan. Except in rare cases, all the eggs