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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Thursday, 22 November 2007 00:50

Targeting Preparedness

Written by  Elaine Bird

By now, IT executives all over the world know that having a plan in place for recovery from unexpected outages, either natural or man-made, is vital to the health of their business. The volume of information continues to increase as a result of e-commerce and other business critical enterprise applications, along with businesses and consumers demanding protection of this data and 24x7 access. Consequently, IT departments must implement disaster recovery networks while simultaneously managing the cost of expanding storage and network infrastructures with tight or shrinking budgets. Recognizing that enterprises must secure, protect, and back up data and applications to quickly rebound after a catastrophic event, many organizations, including the SEC, HIPPA, FDA and DoD are now proposing and, in some cases, enforcing new guidelines and regulations. However, many enterprises are concerned that these regulations will be cost-prohibitive because they are already dealing with constrained IT budgets and fewer personnel resources.