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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Thursday, 22 November 2007 00:56

Vendors Provide Inside Look at Blackout

Written by  Belinda Wilson, CBCP; Patrick Corcoran; Judith Eckles

When a disaster occurs that has wide-spread affect on a large number of businesses such as the recent blackout, one way to judge the impact is to view the number of declarations industry service providers received. In the following articles, three service providers (in alphabetical order) give an inside look at the impact the blackout had on their clients. The articles are not intended to promote a particular service or provider; instead it is an opportunity for our readers to look behind the scenes at the impact a major disaster can have on businesses large and small. Hewlett-PackardBy BELINDA WILSON, CBCP The pictures were all over the cable news networks. Gridlocked traffic, people walking home or sleeping in train stations, hundreds of airline passengers delayed and inconvenienced … all because of a major power outage that crippled many activities in the U.S. Northeast and much of Ontario, Canada. We say “many activities” because