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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Thursday, 22 November 2007 03:04

Business Continuity for the PC

Written by  Gary Griffiths

Enterprise applications such as ERP and eCommerce understandably rank highly when planning for business continuity (BC). Yet one of the largest vulnerabilities is often overlooked: the enterprise PCs. The loss of PCs dramatically impacts productivity, and also may result in the loss of critical data. As the workforce continues to mobilize and the PC becomes increasingly ubiquitous, and more widely distributed, it is wise to consider the risks and protection required to ensure BC for the PC. Viruses, security flaws, unauthorized intrusion, and a host of other deviate issues plague the PC user, while the seemingly benign act of adding new hardware or software can literally bring an enterprise to its knees. Business continuity in the data center, in the context of servers and large storage subsystems, is generally well understood. Operational recovery plans are typically tiered and have formal recovery time objectives associated with them. Even in the context of a