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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Thursday, 22 November 2007 03:05

Data Explosion Challenges Your Disaster Recovery Plans

Written by  Jim Lee

The statistics are overwhelming. It is predicted that more data will be produced in the next year than has been generated during the entire existence of humankind! A study by IBM predicts that by 2005 the amount of information on the planet will increase from 3.2 million exabytes to 43 million exabytes. Data has indeed become a highly valued business asset. Generating and storing of large volumes of data has reached a critical mass. Where we once talked about megabytes and gigabytes, we now discuss terabytes and exabytes of data and storage. What is the real value of this data? More importantly, what is the impact of this data explosion and how does it affect your disaster recovery plans? For many organizations, accelerating data growth and the need to retain and store historical information are straining enterprise IT system capacities. Data storage is quickly becoming the biggest expense in enterprise IT