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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Thursday, 22 November 2007 03:08

Missing Components? The Gotchas of Timely Recovery

Written by  Vicky Cluney, MBCP

Imagine for a moment you evacuated to your designated assembly area but found you and your alternate were the only ones there. When you opened your emergency operations center you realize your crisis management team assumed the rest of the team members would “handle it,” and no one is there but you. Walking into your work group recovery facility, you sat down to take calls and figured out the customer 800 numbers were never re-routed. During damage assessment you stood in the driveway of what remains of your building noticing that your offsite storage containers with your confidential recovery materials were delivered to the damaged site by mistake. They were sitting unguarded, on the loading dock. Unfortunately, nightmares like this are all too real. Past experiences teach us that occasionally we miss our recovery time objective or create unneeded chaos due to some simple oversights in our business continuity plans (BCP). It’s true,