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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Thursday, 22 November 2007 03:09

Preventing Information Theft While Maintaining the Ability to Collaborate

Written by  Elaine S. Price

Information theft presents one of the greatest threats to organizations and individuals today. It can result in a loss of competitive advantage or strategy while bidding on lucrative contracts, as was recently seen in a high-profile case involving two defense contractors bidding on a $1.88 billion satellite-launching contract. It may also endanger an organization’s customers, as seen when more than 40,000 credit card numbers were stolen from a wholesale club in May 2004, or when hard disks containing personal information of more than 500,000 military personnel were stolen from a health system in January 2003. It may raise concerns about the security of the operating systems that power most computers and Internet devices, which happened when Microsoft and Cisco source code was stolen and published on the Internet earlier this year. It may result in lawsuits, fines, and other penalties if the stolen data is supposed to be secure and