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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Thursday, 22 November 2007 03:06

Who's In Charge? Should Business Continuity be an IT Function?

Written by  John Glenn, MBCI

In many organizations, information technology (IT) has responsibility for the business continuity plan. It is a natural. IT was the sponsor – and primary beneficiary – of an organization’s disaster recovery plan. Business continuity, as many in IT see it, is just the current name for disaster recovery. Thus, IT should retain sponsorship and continue to be the primary beneficiary of the business continuity or disaster recovery plan. ScenarioThe organization’s principle business function is a call center. People call into the call center for information. People in the call center call out to move the product. Information systems (IS) is responsible for the telephones and fax machines used by call center personnel and for the desktop equipment and infrastructure that moves data to and from the servers in the computer room. The servers are equipped with an external generator with a 24-hour fuel supply and guaranteed fuel top-offs. IS sponsors the business continuity plan.