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Volume 32, Issue 4

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Monday, 19 November 2007 06:00

How to Write Effective Disaster Recovery Procedures

Written by  Chadwick Taylor, CBCP, CRP

So the honor of writing recovery procedures for your application, database, or platform system has been bestowed upon you. Congratulations! It is an honor to be asked to write procedures for something that is deemed so critical to the lifeline of your organization. So where do you start? You know how to do the recovery. You could do it in your sleep. But how do you document what you do? What are the actual steps you take to perform a successful recovery? How detailed do you have to be in documenting the recovery steps? All of the above questions are very common and valid questions to address in order to write effective disaster recovery procedures. Why Write the Procedures Let’s start with the audience. Who is going to be reading or using your recovery procedures? You should expect a person of “like” background, education, and experience will be using them to perform an