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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Monday, 19 November 2007 20:28

Wireless, Satellite Options Offer New Solution

Written by  Peter Caridies

If there is a common theme running through the central elements of disaster recovery programs (emergency medical care, law enforcement, damage assessment, delivery of supplies, temporary housing, initial recovery activity, etc.) it is the need for effective communication between all responsible parties. Yet communication networks are often rendered useless by the disaster, hampering, if not crippling, recovery efforts. However, as the experiences gained during the aftermath of Hurricane Charley of 2004 show, technology options such as mobile broadband wireless network access and satellite broadband service offer an effective solution to this problem. In August 2004, starting on the ironic date of Friday the 13th, Hurricane Charley ravaged the state of Florida, with the greatest impact on the Gulf Coast. With wind speeds of 145 miles per hour (and gusts as high as 180 miles per hour) and a maximum tidal surge of more than 10 feet above sea level, Charley was the