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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Thursday, 01 October 2009 10:23

A Broader View of Disaster Recovery

Written by  LEE YEATON

The current recessionary economy is putting tremendous pressure on businesses. Management has slashed capital expenditures and operating costs as organizations trim redundancies. Companies face increasing pressure for compliance amid a more demanding regulatory environment. But without redundancies, businesses are finding themselves without the in-house printers, inserters and postal processing equipment they need to keep operating in the event of an unexpected interruption. And without the ability to ensure business continuity, they also run the risk of not complying with state and federal regulations. In other words, the need for business continuity and disaster recovery services has increased just when in-house capabilities are disappearing. This is why the business continuity plan is receiving new focus in many corporations, becoming a key concern at the highest corporate levels. Planning Beyond Data Loss In many companies, disaster recovery planning is data-centric, but the goal of recovery is business continuity, starting from the data but