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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Wednesday, 30 September 2009 16:26

Getting it Right the First Time

Written by  BILL HUGHES

No two organizations are the same. Each has unique objectives, challenges and opportunities and thus needs solutions that fit it exactly. Where most organizations are the same, however, is in their desire to focus the right level of effort in the right area at the right time – to ensure that expending limited resources brings the most benefits. If an organization wants to ”laser focus” on the most optimal solution it needs to understand what the threats are that are challenging its survival, what the organization’s capabilities are and where they want to be. By following the carpenter’s adage of “measure twice, cut once,” you can ensure a more efficient, cost-effective approach to business continuity. This article explains how a focused approach – beginning with a risk assessment and including taking a programmatic look at the solution – can help you develop or refine your business continuity strategy. Too often, organizations