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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Wednesday, 30 September 2009 16:23

Keep It Simple, Stupid


At the risk of being branded a heretic, there are times when we in the business continuity profession get in the way and become our own worst enemy. To see what I mean, look at a typical small business – say 50 employees or less. On top of this struggling enterprise layer the business continuity tools, steps, and procedures we insist must be there for any successful program:Risk assessment BIA Planning strategies Documentation Gap analysis Testing Business continuity lifecycleLet’s take a couple of minutes and apply some old-fashioned common sense to the issue. First of all, in a typical small enterprise, business continuity probably evolves from a short blurb in a planning meeting where someone says, “Well, shouldn’t we have a business continuity plan?” following which, everyone nods and delegates the task to some unsuspecting underling in their three person IT shop, and then move on to the next topic. Right or wrong, it happens, and we