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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Thursday, 01 October 2009 10:20

Managed Services puts the ‘Business’ in Business Continuity

Written by  STACY HAYES

The “old way” of enabling business continuity meant costly hardware investments, unreliable monitoring capabilities, uncontrolled and hard to manage fees, and most importantly – slow recovery times. The new managed services approach eliminates these concerns by providing an on demand business continuity solution that meets the needs of the enterprise, has a cost structure that is in line with actual usage and, most importantly, is drillable on a regular basis without providing dramatic disruption and cost to the business. The newest virtualization capabilities are at the heart of these advances and are making practical business continuity available across the entire spectrum of company sizes. Managed services deliver a win-win for service partners in this area with enhanced revenue opportunities that lock in a longer term customer. In addition, this approach builds a more linked channel because it is easily repeatable. As Forester Research points out, “managed services [has] a one-to-many, standardized