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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Thursday, 01 October 2009 10:14

Managing Downtime in a Hyper Connected Web 2.0 World


On June 29, Rackspace experienced a localized outage in its Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas (DFW) data center, its first outage in more than two years. The following week, the same data center experienced another outage, this time shorter in duration and affecting a smaller amount of customers. What resulted was an important learning opportunity for the team at Rackspace, from technical preparations to communication best practices. During the outages the number one priority was putting our customers first, and as a result, maintaining Rackspace’s integrity and customer relationships while also developing an ambitious plan to reinvest in our infrastructure to prevent future outages. What Happened Rackspace operates nine data center facilities across the world, including the one in DFW. Over a period of ten days, Rackspace experienced two power disruptions incidents in one of three phases of that data center which could not be prevented by the redundant design of Rackspace’s