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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Thursday, 01 October 2009 10:21

What If They Had a Disaster and Nobody Came


Most major companies these days have business continuity and disaster recovery plans, albeit in different stages of completion and different realities of recovery capability. Much effort and resources, both personnel and financial, have been dedicated to making these plans the centerpiece of recovery capability for these companies. And why not? Either for good business practices, fear of business losses or simply compliance requirements there is an acknowledgement that the effects of disasters can be devastating on a company’s bottom line. In all these plans, the one wildcard, the one unknown and the greatest assumption made is that the employees, critical for the execution of these plans will be available to perform the recovery. Those forward thinking executives and planners attempt to mitigate this exposure by making detailed plans and having back ups and back ups to the back ups. However, the question still exists. Will a key employee be there when needed?